Trenant Park Pet Clinic
When you arrive, the nice ladies at the front desk will check you in.
You can be seated and wait to be called in and visit with other friends in the waiting area. Remember to always have your leash on!
While you wait you can sniff around all the delicious treats and food. There are also yummy chews that are good for your teeth, shampoos, ear cleaners and even toothpaste!
When you get called in, one of the nice ladies will weigh you. This tricky machine will tell them if your people have been giving you too many treats...what a tattle-tale!
This is where one of the nice ladies will take your temperature, even though it's pretty rude, I've been told it's necessary. Then the doctor will come in and poke and prod at you a little. They say this is called an 'exam', but you don't have to study.
If the doctor finds anything funny during your exam, they may take some samples for one of the nice technicians to look at.
This is the treatment area. The doctor may need to take you here to take your blood, clean your ears or fix up whatever may be bugging you. It's really not that scary here, the nice ladies give you cookies! (I think that's why it's called the "Treat"ment area!)
If you ate something you shouldn't have or hurt yourself playing a little too hard, the nice technicians will take you to this room. This magical machine can take pictures of your guts and bones! It makes some scary noises, but all you have to do is lay still and it's done in a snap!
This is the surgery suite. I was 'neutered' here but no one will tell me what that means. You probably won't remember this room because you'll be napping, but there will always be a technician friend there with you making sure you sleep well.
This is where you can have your teeth cleaned and x-rayed. Your people will appreciate your fresh breath after!
The doctor will check out your dental x-rays and see if any of your teeth are hurting you and need to come out. This fancy machine tells them where it hurts when you can't tell them yourself. You'll feel much better when the sore teeth are gone!
This is one of the treatment and recovery kennels. If you have a nap in that surgery room or if you're not feeling well, you get to hang out with the nice ladies here while they take care of you. You'll be where all the action happens, so you won't feel lonely.
Welcome to Trenant Park Pet Clinic!

Follow GusGus through a tour of the clinic from a dog's perspective!