Trenant Park Pet Clinic
Trenant Park Pet Clinic Services


Digital radiology equipment provides high-quality radiographs, which assist our doctors in making quick and accurate diagnoses for your pet. Digital radiology also allows us to quickly send your pets radiographs for specialist interpretation or to a specialty practice for referral. 


At Trenant Park Pet Clinic we perform in house laboratory services and utilize the services of outside laboratories. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians perform fecal examinations, urinalyses, cytologies, and blood screening (such as feline viral screening) in our in house laboratory. Full blood panels, fluid and tissue cytology and histologies are sent to a local, outside laboratory. These results are reported along with a board certified pathologists interpretation of the results to aid our doctors in making the correct diagnoses and assessments of your pets' health. 

Surgical Services

We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures such as routine spay/neuter surgery, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, and emergency surgeries such as foreign body removal. Electronic monitoring equipment is used for every surgical procedure and a Registered Veterinary Technician monitors your pet throughout the course of the anesthesia. At Trenant Park Pet Clinic we work with a number of board certified surgical specialists who travel to our clinic to perform surgery for your convenience. 

Specialist Consultation/Referral 

In the event that your pet requires care from a board certified specialist, the veterinarians at Trenant Park can refer you to a specialty hospital such as Canada West Veterinary Specialists or Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Many specialists will also travel to Trenant Park Pet Clinic to meet you for a consultation for your comfort and convenience. Traveling specialists include: Internal medicine, ophthalmology, endoscopy and orthopedics.


At Trenant Park we perform routine dental cleaning and polishing, dental extractions and minor oral surgeries. All dental procedures are performed while your pet is under a general anesthetic. We now offer digital dental x-rays to aid in the diagnosis of dental disease.

Pharmacy And Prescription Diets

Our clinic stocks a variety of pharmaceuticals, supplements and parasite control. Many medications for your pet can be compounded into a form which is easy for you to administer to your pet, such as soft chews and flavoured liquids. At Trenant Park Pet Clinic we place special orders through compounding pharmacies to make medicating your pet as easy as possible. A staff member can advise you whether this is an option for your pet. (Due to shipping time, please allow 1 week for delivery from time of ordering) 

We also carry a full line of prescription and maintenance diets. Prescription diets cater to the specific medical conditions of your pet, such as urinary crystals/stones, kidney disease, liver disease, dental disease, obesity and more. An order for specialty diets not regularly stocked is placed on Monday and Thursday mornings for next day delivery. 

Dietary Counselling

Many of our staff have completed continuing education courses on veterinary nutritional counselling. If your pet has unique dietary needs, we utilize the services of nutritional counselling offered by veterinarians at Royal Canin and Hill's. Please do not hesitate to ask us which diet might be right for your pet.

At Trenant Park Pet Clinic our veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians offer routine preventive care such as annual wellness exams, vaccines, spay/neuter surgery and dental cleaning to keep your pets healthy and happy. In the unfortunate event of illness, we offer diagnostic services such as a wide range of in-house and off-site laboratory work, digital radiology and hospitalized care.