Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Nutrition counselling helps provide you with trusted and vetted dietary advice about the best food to feed your pet. Your pet’s overall health will help inform their dietary needs, including special diets based on their health conditions. If you’re interested in learning more about nutrition counselling, please contact us at 604-940-0899.

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How do I know which diet is right for my pet?

It can be difficult to discern the right types of food for your pet. A walk down the pet food aisle can leave you feeling overwhelmed or confused about which ones are best for your furry friend. There are a lot of food options available that claim to meet your pet’s dietary needs but many still leave gaps in their nutrition. Nutrition counselling takes factors like your pet’s lifestyle, breed, age and overall health into consideration before we’re able to determine which foods or dietary plan will best support them. Many of our staff have taken veterinary nutritional counselling courses which help us provide you with medically sound advice. 

What types of diets do you recommend?

Your pet’s diet is unique to their health needs, which means a one-size-fits-all nutrition advice does not exist. Our veterinary team will work with you to determine which foods will work best to support your pet’s health. We can help pinpoint any gaps in their current diet and help you make adjustments to ensure all their nutritional needs are being met. Depending on your pet’s overall health, they could need a special prescription diet. Our veterinary clinic has a pharmacy stocked with a full line of prescription and maintenance diets. Our prescription diets support pets with specific health issues like urinary crystals/stones, kidney disease, liver disease, dental disease and obesity.

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