Behavioural Counselling for Pets

All pets have some behaviour that inconveniences us every once in a while. However, if you notice your pet’s problematic behaviour is regularly impacting your life in a negative way or putting those around you at risk, it could be time for a professional intervention. The role of behavioural counselling is to correct your pet’s behaviour and address any underlying issues. 

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How do I know my pet needs behavioural counselling? 

If you’ve noticed your pet spends more days misbehaving than not, this could be a sign that it’s time to book an appointment at 604-940-0899.​ Especially if your pet’s behaviour puts you or others in danger, it’s important to contact us immediately. Some problematic behaviours include: 

  • Unexplained aggression 
  • Biting or growling at others 
  • Excessive licking 
  • Anxious pacing or panting 
  • Destroying property 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Excessive urinating 

How will it help them?

The goal of behavioural counselling is not only to correct problematic behaviour but address any underlying health concerns that could be causing it. Since pets can’t vocalize when they’re feeling pain or dealing with symptoms related to health issues, their behaviour could be an outlet. During your appointment, we’ll discuss your pet’s behaviour as well as your concerns to pinpoint the best behaviour modification plan to meet their needs. Once we’ve ruled out any underlying health issues that could be the root cause, we’ll create a plan that will address the behaviour. It is important to follow the plan as closely as possible so it can be effective. 

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