Surgical Services for Pets

Dropping your pet off on the day of their surgery can be nerve wracking. We want to ensure you feel comfortable with your pet’s procedure and have all of your fears alleviated before the day of their appointment. Our expert veterinary team is well trained on a variety of surgical services, all performed with precision and care to ensure your pet has a safe procedure.

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What types of surgery do you perform?

We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures like routine spay and neuter, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, and emergency surgeries such as foreign body removal. We do our best to provide the best care of your pet while they’re on the operating table. Electronic monitoring equipment is used during every surgery to check your pet’s vitals and ensure their body is responding well. One of our registered veterinary technicians will also closely monitor your pet after we’ve administered the anesthesia. This allows us to quickly respond to sudden changes in your pet’s vitals. We work with a number of board certified surgical specialists who travel to our clinic to perform surgery for your convenience.

Why does my pet need anesthesia?

Putting your pet under anesthesia is one of the safety protocols we take during our surgical procedures. Keeping your pet awake while we perform a surgery could create a range of complications and also be a painful experience for them. To ensure your pet will respond well to the medication, our team performs pre-anesthetic blood tests to check that their kidney and liver can handle it. Depending on the procedure and dosage we administer, the medication could wear off immediately after surgery or it could take a few hours after for your pet to seem like themselves again. If you have any questions about anesthesia or our surgical procedures, please contact us at 604-940-0899.

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