X-ray Services for Pets

X-ray is a diagnostic imaging tool we use to capture images of what’s happening inside your pet’s body. These images can help confirm a potential diagnosis, detect health issues in their early stage and provide general insights into your pet’s health. If you have questions about our X-ray services, please contact us at 604-940-0899.

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What can you see on an X-ray?

X-rays capture images of your pet’s internal organs and systems. An X-ray uses electromagnetic radiation to generate images. We don’t only recommend this diagnostic imaging tool if your pet is ill. It can be a preventive measure or be used to help us confirm a potential diagnosis. Also, they are often part of your pet’s routine health checks to assess their overall health. We’ll recommend your pet have an X-ray to help us: 

  • Assess abnormalities like kidney stones or tumours 
  • Detect arthritis 
  • Assess fractures or bone disfigurement 
  • Assess the size and shape of organs
  • Identify foreign objects your pet may have swallowed 
  • Evaluate dental health, including dental disease
  • Detect pregnancy 

Is radiation safe for my pet?

Digital X-rays use far less radiation in comparison to when the technology was first invented. We recommend this diagnostic tool because they use low levels of radiation, which limit your pet’s exposure to these potentially harmful rays. The rays are even safe enough for small or pregnant furry friends. We ensure your pet has protective gear that limits the ray’s exposure to the areas of their body we’re not capturing. We stand by this diagnostic tool as a non-invasive and safe way to examine your pet’s body. 

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